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In Cleveland, hope dies last

Only the Strong Survive

After years of reading sports articles on mainstream media sites as well as other quality sites (like Waiting for Next Year and Cleveland Frowns) and commenting, we’ve decided to expand our horizons and join the community of bloggers.

This site will primarily be about Cleveland’s pro sports teams – Cavs, Browns & Indians – but we will also talk about other sports topics as they arise. We’re not looking to compete with other, more-established sites, but rather provide another opinion on the local sports scene from what we consider to be a typical Cleveland sports fan of a certain generation – that is, one who has never experienced a championship season.

In our lifetime we’ve seen the Tribe play in two World Series, the Cavs in one NBA finals and the Browns, well, the Browns have been a source of more anguish than any one fan should have to endure.

Other fans get more attention for allegedly being “tortured,” but no one knows heartbreak, unfulfilled promise and utter disappointment more than a Cleveland fan.

But that’s life as a Cleveland fan and that’s what we hope to capture for as long as we can sustain this blog.

Cleveland sports fans: Only the Strong Survive.


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2 thoughts on “Only the Strong Survive

  1. Glad to see this, Pullo. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. I have always enjoyed your comments on WFNY, Cleveland Frowns and John Kroliks Cavs blog. Good luck. I will be sure to stop in.

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