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Delhomme back … Hillis out?

With it looking more likely that Jake Delhomme will be back under center this Sunday against Atlanta, things are continuing to look good for the Browns.

But now comes news that Peyton Hillis has been added to the injury report with an undisclosed thigh injury. According to James Walker at ESPN:

“Hillis, who has rushed for more than 100 yards the past two weeks, had limited participation in Thursday’s practice. Hillis apparently got hurt following the 30 minutes of practice open to reporters. Hillis was not on the injury report Wednesday.”

Hopefully, Hillis will be OK to go on Sunday, because the Browns have finally found their identity on offense the past two weeks with a power running game led by Hillis.

“We are who we are,” Delhomme told The Plain Dealer. “We’re a football team that’s physical and runs the football well. When you are who you are, you need to be that.”

If Hillis can’t go, Jerome Harrison or James Davis will have to step up, something they haven’t really done yet this year. Perhaps this will mean more use of the Flash package with Josh Cribbs.

One thing we hope it doesn’t mean is the Browns abandoning the running game and, because Delhomme is Back, trying to force the ball to wideouts Mohamed Massaquoi and Brian Robiskie. Delhomme, for one, seems to understand how that would be a bad idea and embraces the notion that you are who you are as a team.

“We were working on many things in camp, be it the pass game, where guys fit, different things,” Delhomme told The Plain Dealer. “Certainly, I think you learn as you go. Let’s be honest. We split carries a ton in training camp between [Harrison] and Peyton. Then came the [thigh] injury to Jerome, and Peyton’s had a lot more carries now.

“That’s how things work out. Once you find it, you ride that horse.”


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