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How Will the MSM Spin This?

Last week we pointed out how the main stream media is all upset over the fact that baseball is declining in popularity, some even going to illogical lengths to make a point.

It will be interesting to hear the spin after the TV ratings came out for last night’s Monday Night game between Tennessee and Jacksonville and Game 3 of the American League Championship Series between Texas and the NY Yankees:

  • ESPN’s broadcast of the NFL game drew a rating of 7.2
  • TBS’ broadcast of the baseball playoff game drew a rating of 6.5

Going further, the Sunday Night game between Indianapolis and Washington beat the National League playoff game between Philadelphia and San Francisco in the ratings as well, drawing more than twice the number of viewers.

Thankfully the NFL finally realizes what the rest of America already knows: we want to watch football. In the past the NFL would not schedule a Sunday night game on the opening weekend of the World Series, which resulted in one of the saddest Sunday nights on the calendar.

But not this year as Pittsburgh-New Orleans is set for Oct. 31 opposite Game 4 of the World Series.

Want to bet how badly the NFL beats Major League Baseball in that one?

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