Red Right 88

In Cleveland, hope dies last

In Cervesio Felicitas*

Let’s drink the liquid of amber so bright;
Let’s drink the liquid with foam snowy white;

Let’s drink the liquid that brings all good cheer;

Oh, where is the drink like old-fashioned beer?
– A toast to beer

We’ve always known and appreciated that Cleveland is a shot-and-a-beer kind of town.

But what we didn’t realize until recently is that the beer portion is apparently increasingly becoming a craft beer.

We haven’t seen a bottle of Great Lakes’ Christmas Ale in the stores since before Thanksgiving. Goose Island Christmas Ale? Nope. When we were in the grocery store over the weekend just about every type of holiday-themed beer was sold out.

It’s good to know the hometown is branching out from the days of Miller, Budweiser and Rolling Rock.

Of course, this new found thirst for beer that actually tastes like beer – and not sour water – sometimes makes it harder to fill our tankard, but that’s the price you pay for progress, we suppose.

We’ll leave you with an Irish toast in case you are lucky enough to be enjoying your favorite beverage right now:

Here’s to a long life and a merry one.
A quick death and an easy one.

A pretty girl and an honest one.

A cold beer and another one!

*In beer there is joy.

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