Red Right 88

In Cleveland, hope dies last

Playoff Picks – Divisional Round

The Divisional Playoffs are here, which means we’re down to the final seven games in the 2010 Cheddar Bay Invitational at Cleveland Frowns.

After a respectable Wild Card Weekend, we’re in first place – or right on the cusp of first, we’re waiting for the independent audit to come back on last week’s results – and ready to keep rolling this weekend.

We like:

Atlanta (-2.5) vs. Green Bay. Hopefully the two-week layoff didn’t leave the Falcons rusty. We’re banking on homefield here.

Chicago (-10) vs. Seattle. Although giving double digits with Jay Cutler (career record 24-29) at quarterback makes us very nervous. But it’s Seattle so …

NY Jets (+9) vs. New England. Sadly, the Rex Ryan traveling party of fun ends for another year this weekend. We fully expect the Patriots to win, we just think this game will be a close one.

Money pick: Pittsburgh (-3) vs. Baltimore. While we’d like to see both teams lose, someone has to win and it should be the Steelers. The good part is, no matter who comes out of this game, they will be so physically beat up they will have no chance next week against New England.


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