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In Cleveland, hope dies last

How the business world can fix Cleveland sports

A few weeks ago, Forbes ran an article highlighting the most annoying business jargon flowing through American workplaces on a daily basis.

According to the article:

“For people bent on achieving superstar status in the business world, knowing one language is often not enough. Unfortunately the second tongue most popular to many American corporate types isn’t Spanish, German, French, Italian or Chinese. It’s jargon, a heinous amalgamation of terms with unknown origins and delivered with no explanation, irony or even a crumb of guilt. Business clichés have long been allowed to proliferate, multiply and slink around like evil gremlins within the American business establishment.”

After wading into this swamp of nothingness, we found answers to what’s been going on with the local sports teams.

Clearly, the Cavs need to drill down to find more talent.

Mike Holmgren has all his ducks in a row now that he has Pat Shurmur on board as coach.

The Dolans unfortunately put a hard stop on payroll growth as they have reached their predetermined price point.

Browns coach Pat Shurmur is thinking outside the box with his decision to act as his own offensive coordinator.

While the scoreboard may not reflect it, we hope the Browns, Cavs and Indians are all giving 110 percent.

If they are going to turn the Indians around, GM Chris Antonetti and manager Manny Acta need to synergize. (although we’re still not sure how well that worked for Mark Shapiro and Eric Wedge).

There’s a whole list of players – Grady Sizemore, Matt LaPorta, Travis Hafner, Mo Williams, JJ Hickson and Colt McCoy, among others, who clearly need to move the needle during the season.

No doubt Dan Gilbert is wondering how long the Cavs plan to boil the ocean before they start winning again.

Cavs coach Byron Scott is praying that the team’s season-long struggles have provided a critical learning for the young players on the roster.

Browns general manager Tom Heckert hopes the upcoming NFL Draft will impact the team’s fortunes in the AFC North.

Randy Lerner is routinely out of pocket when he’s watching Aston Villa play.

It would be nice if Mohamed Massaquoi and Brian Robiskie would take it to the next level in 2011.

The Browns have a very hard time managing expectations among the fan base.

The Cavs should strive to grab the low-hanging fruit and string two wins together.

By replacing Eric Mangini as coach with Pat Shurmur, Mike Holmgren continues to break down silos in Berea.

Sadly, no matter what they do, the current state of Cleveland sports is what it is.


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2 thoughts on “How the business world can fix Cleveland sports

  1. sports jargon can grate too. eg, veikune combines a good _motor_ and _athleticism_ which will contribute to a stout linebacking corps.

    this post was _spot on_.

  2. Don't forget, Veikune does things that don't show up in the stat column, whether he puts his hand on the ground or operates in open space.

    He's working this year to silence all the critics and you really can't say enough about him.

    Or he just probably isn't any good.

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