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Browns need to pass on Sanders

Before the hoople heads start getting riled up, we need to put the kibosh on any talk of the Browns signing safety Bob Sanders, who was released Friday by the Colts.

Fans are going to see Sanders’ name on the transaction list and some will immediately want the Browns to pursue him simply because they’ve heard of him. But the team needs to stay far, far away from him.

Injuries have limited Sanders to just nine games over the past three years. He played six games in 2008; missed the first five games in 2009 then, in his second game back, tore his left biceps and missed the rest of the season; last year he tore his right bicep on the first defensive series of the season and missed the rest of the year.

With that kind of injury history, why would anyone think Sanders would be able to stay on the field for any significant amount of time?


Is former coach Eric Mangini heading back to the sidelines?

The UFL’s Hartford Colonials are “interested” in Mangini to replace another former Browns coach, Chris Palmer. Palmer recently became offensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans.

“He is one of the people we would hope to talk to,” Colonials owner Bill Mayer said of Mangini this week, according to ESPN. “What comes out of that, I don’t know. I’ve been looking at our Facebook site, and it certainly has generated a lot of conversation. He’s a Connecticut native and he’s had experience. Whether we end up doing anything with him or not, we haven’t sat down yet, so it’s not at all clear whether this timing would work for him.”

“That doesn’t mean we’re in negotiations or that he’s going to be the next coach, but he’s certainly on the list.”

Well, it’s not as if Mangini is on the list for any NFL jobs.


As spring training gets underway for the Indians, manager Manny Acta expects the bullpen to be one of the strongest parts of the team – if not the strongest.

”It was last year, and there’s a very good chance it will be very good again,” Acta told The Beacon Journal.

The bullpen struggled early in the season, putting up a 4.69 ERA, but after the All Star break the relievers posted a 2.95 ERA, second best in the American League. Closer Chris Perez led the way, as he posted a 0.53 ERA after June 18 and converted 18 of his final 19 saves on the season.

If the bullpen can turn into a reliable asset for the Tribe, that will make Acta’s job a lot easier, take some of the pressure off the team’s young starters – who can’t be expected to go very deep into games – and maybe give the team a chance to surprise some people this season.


Finally, check out the latest from Uni Watch for something on the birth of the Browns facemask.

The story behind the development of the facemask is well known to longtime Browns fans: a late hit on quarterback Otto Graham in 1953 led to the first protective Lucite mask on the Browns helmets.

But it’s definitely worth reading about again, especially for the photos.


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3 thoughts on “Browns need to pass on Sanders

  1. Mangini might rather take a year off, do TV or whatever, and test the waters for head coaching vacancies this time next year than get into an NFL coordinating position that he'd be angling to leave.

  2. That's probably true. Once these guys get out of the day-to-day grind, actually having some time to stop and take a breath becomes really appealing.

    I think he's going to have to take a defensive coordinator role for a few years though; I don't see anyone giving him another head coaching slot right out of the gate. It would be too hard to sell, as many will see 10-22 and 33-47 and nothing else.

    But I'm sure he'll be back in the league, if not this fall then certainly in 2012.

  3. Art_Brosef on said:

    I agree….would be very surprising to see Mangini get another HC job without heading back to the defensive coordinator ranks for a few years.

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