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Golden Flashes miss chance to go dancing


Kent State lost what was probably its only chance to make the NCAA Tournament, losing the MAC final in overtime to Akron.

Now, despite being the conference’s regular season champion and winning 23 games, the Golden Flashes will probably not get a spot in the tournament so that we can watch teams like Michigan State (14 losses) or Marquette (11th in the Big East) go out and lose their opening games.

If the MAC only gets one bid again this year it just reinforces the bias the selection committee shows the big conferences at the expense of some good teams. Schools from the Big Ten, SEC or ACC lose in their conference tournaments and are still selected because of their “body of work.”

But when a school from a mid-major conference loses in its tournament, then the regular season has no impact.

And people think the BCS is messed up.


We’re going to break format to recommend a non-sports book that we are currently reading.

A Secret Gift by former Canton resident Ted Gup tells the story of Mr. B. Virdot, who placed an advertisement in The Canton Repository a week before Christmas in 1933 asking residents to write to him about their financial troubles and how they would spend the money if he helped them. Within days the Post Office received thousands of letters and B. Virdot mailed out 150 checks for $5 each to families across town.

Gup spent two years tracking down the descendants of the letter writers, conducting more than 500 interviews and sifting through thousands of pages of deeds, marriage licenses, census reports, obituaries and death certificates. The letters and Gup’s research became the basis of the book.

While the story is set in the Great Depression, it reaffirms our believe that there are few places better than NE Ohio.

For more information, check out this story and this one.


In what continues to be a long week in Ohio State land comes news that ESPN analyst and former Buckeye quarterback Kirk Herbstreit and his family have been forced to move out of their home in central Ohio because of the constant criticism he has received from OSU fans who don’t understand how life works.

“Nobody loves Ohio State more than me,” Herbstreit told The Columbus Dispatch. “I still have a picture of Woody Hayes and my dad (Jim, a former OSU player) in my office, and nobody will do more than I do for the university behind the scenes. But I’ve got a job to do, and I’m going to continue to be fair and objective. To continue to have to defend myself and my family in regards to my love and devotion to Ohio State is unfair.”

Stay classy Buckeye fans. (h/t Waiting for Next Year)

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