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The Browns don’t need to take a risk

The Browns may face a big decision on draft day if two of the top-rated defensive linemen – Clemson end Da’Quan Bowers and Auburn tackle Nick Fairley – are still on the board when the team picks at No. 6.

Both players come with red flags, but of different varieties.

Bowers, who some rank as the best pass-rusher coming out of college, is coming off knee surgery in January that caused him to cancel his recent Pro Day.

“There are legitimate concerns about [Bowers’] knee, and that’s going to be addressed at his pro day, which he moved back a couple of times,” NFL Network’s Mike Mayock told Wednesday. “He told a bunch of teams at the [NFL] combine that he was 100 percent healthy and couldn’t wait for his pro day. And then right before his pro day, he postponed his workout and didn’t even show up.”

But Bowers’ agent, Joe Flanagan, disputed Mayock’s report.

“Recently, inaccurate reports have surfaced regarding our client, Da’Quan Bowers, the health of his knee and the scheduling of his workout,” Flanagan told PFT via e-mail. “Bottom line: Da’Quan’s knee has progressed ahead of schedule, in every regard, since the day he walked out of his procedure. There have been no ‘setbacks’ or new concerns’, and Da’Quan is very much looking forward to his workout on April 1st.”

The questions surrounding Fairley deal with his attitude – he tends to take plays off.

ESPN director of college scouting Todd McShay, who previously described himself as “blown away” by Fairley’s March 8 Pro Day, now believes Fairley has the potential to be a colossal flop at the next level.

“The more you watch Fairley on tape, the more worried you get he’ll be a bust,” said McShay, who also questioned Fairley’s work ethic and consistency. “He has a chance to be a bust.”

Luckily, if the Browns share any of these concerns about Bowers and Fairley, the team is in a position to pass on them. With so many holes to fill on the team, someone – wide receiver A.J. Green or defensive back Patrick Peterson – will most likely still be on the board.

And while the Browns need all the playmakers they can find, sometimes the safe pick is the right one.


The NFL put together a six-minute video of the 2010 season. Check it out, but don’t blink or you’ll miss the lone Browns highlight at the 45-second mark.


This is a couple of weeks old, but Sports Illustrated‘s Grant Wahl put together an excellent profile of Real Madrid coach José Mourinho.

Mourinho has gone nine years without losing a league match at home – that’s 148 matches with four different teams – Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid.

What we wouldn’t give to have a coach like that here in Cleveland.


Interesting read at Slate on the growing trend companies promoting the propaganda of concern. (h/t UniWatch)


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2 thoughts on “The Browns don’t need to take a risk

  1. agreed. no whiffs allowed if browns stay at #6. it's not the best athlete available, it's the safest football player available. that's why peterson seems like a great pick.

    i must say, negative buzz on on fairley seems like a smokescreen. did any of us watch this guy all year and think he was anything but a perfect combo of big/strong/fast with attitude?

    would we take a warren sapp? seems like the attitude/conditioning questions are similar. but i'll take his seven straight probowls and four all-pros…

  2. Oh hells yeah. I we could somehow get a guarantee that Fairley is going to be committed I'd take him in a second.

    I don't care about the cheap shots, I wouldn't mind seeing him give someone from Pittsburgh or Baltimore the business a bit.

    I'm just worried he could turn into Gerard Warren; if someone takes plays off in college (if true) then what's going to happen when they get paid?

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