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The S doesn’t stand for sensitivity

Someone at ESPN obviously missed the sensitivity training seminar, as an “esteemed panel” of college football “experts” picked the Top 50 college players who failed on the professional level.

Somehow former Syracuse great and Heisman Trophy winner Ernie Davis – whom the Browns acquired in a trade with Washington for Hall-of-Famer Bobby Mitchell – made the list at No. 3.

The list included such notable bust as Hart Lee Dykes, Brian Bosworth and Andre Ware.

Of course, none of them died from leukemia before ever playing an NFL game, which seems like the kind of thing that ESPN’s “experts” would take into consideration when making such a list.

Instead of reading the drivel at ESPN, check out this first-person account from Davis that appeared in 1963 in The Saturday Evening Post less than two months before he passed away.

Or check out this video of Davis in the 1960 Cotton Bowl.

After reading how determined Davis was to get back on the field despite his illness, there’s no doubt that, if healthy, he would have been one hell of an NFL running back.

(h/t to Nunes Magician)

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