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In Cleveland, hope dies last

So when do they start playing?

The NFL owners made a perfect move on Thursday, voting to approve a new collective bargaining agreement and regaining the advantage in the battle for the hearts of NFL fans everywhere.

While some people wrongly blamed the players when this all started, the truth is the lockout was 100 percent on the owners. The players were content to continue under the current system, it was the owners that shut down the No. 1 game in town.

And the players responded with a campaign based on the slogan “Let us Play.”

Well, guess who’s holding up the show now?

According to ESPN, the players’ were told that nothing will happen until Monday:

“Our recommendation is for everyone to stay put and keep doing what you are doing where you are doing it. We will meet again Monday to discuss our options and the direction we want to go. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your player reps.”

But NFLPA leaders later contradicted that report, telling ESPN that they plan to talk with the NFLPA executive board and player representatives either Friday night or Saturday.

All this delay over a deal that the players could have reportedly had back in March.

We have to wonder just what the players’ side is thinking here. They have to know that this deal isn’t going to change and, the longer they hold out on approving it, the more fan anger will turn against them.

Maybe they are banking on the fact that, as long as no games are missed, the fans will still be there this fall. And there is some truth to that.

And its certainly possible that this will all be resolved over the weekend and things will get rolling along.

But the players wanted to play and now the opportunity is there for things to get back to normal. Let’s hope everyone associated with the players understands that.

Because it is long past time to get ‘er done.

In the meantime, here’s a nice breakdown of the new CBA.

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