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In Cleveland, hope dies last

At quarterback for the 2012 Browns …

With the season finale against Pittsburgh just days away, the Browns are moving closer to one of the most important decisions the franchise has faced since coming back in 1999:

What to do about the quarterback position?

Head over to The Cleveland Fan, where we will now be writing from time to time, for the rest of the story.

The Cleveland Fan was founded on February 1, 2006, by Rich Swerbinsky. Since then, it has grown into the most trafficked fan run Cleveland sports website in cyberspace, boasting a community of 50,000 monthly visitors strong (and growing) with over 2,000,000 page hits each month.

In bringing The Cleveland Fan to life, Rich’s mission statement was simple: Create an alternative to the traditional media sources and a place for Cleveland sports fans to congregate to read opinion on the teams we live and die for, and also a place for fans to have intelligent discussions about those teams.

We’re excited to work with them – even if they have a “no soccer” policy (we’ll work on that); head on over and check the site out.

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