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In Cleveland, hope dies last

What we are hoping for today

While we would never root for the Cleveland Browns to lose, we also have to realistic about the situation facing the team today against Pittsburgh.

Win and the Browns could drop as low as eighth in the 2012 NFL Draft. While the Browns can certainly find a very good player at that spot, the higher the pick the better the chance of getting the type of impact player the team so desperately needs.

So, if the Browns do happen to lose today, this is what else Browns fans need to see happen to maximize the team’s draft position:

  • Jacksonville needs to beat Indianpapolis. The Browns will lose out on a tiebreaker for draft position with the Jaguars if both teams finish 4-11, because Jacksonville had an easier schedule this year.
  • Minnesota needs to beat Chicago. The Browns would win a tiebreaker with the Vikings at 4-11 because Minnesota has a stronger schedule.

If both the Jaguars and Vikings win, the Browns would select No. 3 behind Indianapolis and St. Louis.

If Minnesota loses and Jacksonville wins, the Vikings are in at No. 3 and the Browns pick No. 4.

If the Vikings win and the Jaguars lose, the Browns are still at No. 4 behind Jacksonville, but ahead of Minnesota.

Got all that?There is one other team to keep an eye on today: Oakland.

Oakland will win the AFC West if it beats San Diego at home and if Denver loses. The Raiders can also qualify for a wild-card if:

  • They win, Cincinnati loses and Tennessee loses or ties, or
  • They win, Cincinnati loses and the Jets win

This is important for the Browns because, if the Raiders make the playoffs and win a game, their No. 1 draft pick in the 2012 draft goes to the Bengals as part of the Carson Palmer trade.The last thing the Browns need is to have a division rival pick up an extra draft pick.

For a comprehensive look at the draft scenarios, friend of the program Jim Kanicki put together this most excellent chart.

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