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Final thoughts on Browns & RG3

As the Browns prepare for the start of free agency on Tuesday afternoon, we have a few final thoughts before we close the book on the Robert Griffin III talk.

As we suspected, the Browns losing out on the right to move up to the No. 2 spot in the draft had nothing to do with the inability of general manager Tom Heckert to get the job done and everything to do with the Redskins be willing to grossly overpay to move up in the draft.

According to Peter King in his Monday Morning Quarterback column, St. Louis general manager Les Snead told any team interested in making a trade to submit their best offer. King writes that “according to one of the teams involved, Washington made an offer beyond what St. Louis ever thought it’d get — three first-round picks and a second-rounder. Cleveland offered something less, thought to be three ones.

“The Rams might have gotten more by telling the Browns what Washington’s offer was, but Snead had promised each side he wouldn’t play one bid against another but rather simply ask for each team’s best offer. Once Washington’s offer was better than Cleveland’s, the deal was done.”

Would Browns fans have really wanted the team to get into a bidding war with an opponent, in Washington owner Dan Snyder, who only cares about headlines and is a cheater?

While we liked King better when he was a writer rather than a “media personality,” he’s tied into the league and he is generally right about these kind of things.

As much as we liked the idea of watching Griffin in Orange and Brown for the next 10-12 years, the price was just simply too high. How high? According to The Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective, Griffin must produce at least as well as Tom Brady for the Redskins to receive any kind of equal value for the trade.

Once we read that, we knew the Browns had dodged a bullet.


The Browns are finally parting ways with oft-injured right tackle Tony Pashos, telling the 31-year-old they plan to release him on Tuesday.

The move means the Browns should be have a little more than $19 million in cap space and give at least one clue to a position the team will try to fill in free agency or through the draft.


Finally, now that we all know the Browns won’t be getting Griffin, talk and thoughts will turn to who the team will be selecting come April 26.

At this point, we just want the team to draft whichever players they believe are the best fit for the team – regardless of where the experts think a player is ranked or anything else.

If the Browns like Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill (just for example) and don’t believe he will be there when they pick at No. 22, then just take him at No. 4. We don’t care if he isn’t “supposed” to be selected until the a later pick (and that goes for any player the Browns like).

We’re tired of all the talk about value charts and you can take a guy at No. 12 but not at No. 6 (or whenever). With the new rookie wage scale worrying about over paying a player has gone out the window.

The Browns have reached a point where they just need to worry about themselves. Figure out which players you like and just pick them. If it is Justin Blackmon, fine. If it’s Maurice Claiborne fine. Hell, if it’s Brandon Weeden, take him.

Because if they are right with their selection and the player turns out to be the right guy, no one is going to care which pick was used or which round they were selected in.

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