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In Cleveland, hope dies last

Pure Rage and The Fans Right to Boo

Cleveland Indians reliever Chris Perez really did it this time with his comments after Saturday’s win against Miami.

Or did he?

You’ll nead to head to The Cleveland Fan to find out.


It’s no surprise that people had a lot to say about Perez and his comments. Here’s a good sampling:

Tribe Weekend Wrap: The Pure Rage Edition at WFNY

Indians closer Chris Perez tells working stiffs of Cleveland to suck it up and spend more money on Major League Baseball and $8 beers at Cleveland Frowns

No Need To Boo Perez, He’s Just Like Us at Did the Tribe Win Last Night?

Chris Perez’ comments offer harsh does of reality to Cleveland fans at WFNY

Chris Perez is a good closer, good teammate without much perspective by Terry Pluto

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