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Andy Carroll carousel still spinning at Liverpool

The ongoing saga of Andy Carroll and Liverpool – will he stay? will he go? if so, where and when? – is becoming as tiring as the Cleveland Indians starting rotation.

We’re just a little more than two weeks away from opening weekend of the Premier League season and Carroll is still taking up space at Anfield.

Manager Brendan Rodgers left Carroll off the squad for Liverpool’s trip to Belarus for Thursday’s Europa League qualifier against FC Gomel, which really should signal that the end is here for the 23-year-old striker who has been a disappointment since coming over from Newcastle for £35 million.

So what gives?

West Ham United has stepped up with an offer of a £2 million loan fee plus a guaranteed £17 million should the Hammers avoid relegation. Carroll has said he doesn’t want to play for the team, promoted back to the Premier League this season, but the fact that West Ham is reportedly willing to give Carroll an eight-year, £36 million contract should be enough to make him see the joy of playing in London.

We get that Liverpool team officials want to get back as much of that exorbitant transfer fee as they can, but eventually they need to make a move. And we have to wonder just how much they can realistically hope to get for a player that has scored just six league goals since arriving at Anfield. It’s not like the other teams don’t watch the games, after all.

For now, Rodgers is being diplomatic about the situation.

“He can fit into how I want to play and he’s happy here,” Rodgers told “So for him and other players, if anything comes in as a football club we’ll consider it but I’m certainly not looking to push him out of the door.”

All this dancing around with Carroll is delaying the potential move for Fulham’s Clint Dempsey. The 29-year-old American pulled himself out of the squad’s training camp earlier this week prior to Fulham leaving for a week-long trip to Switzerland.  Dempsey and manager Martin Jol reportedly had a “heated debate” at the training ground over the decision, according to Sounds like Dempsey is ready to move on to a bigger stage.

The clock is ticking. It’s time for Liverpool to make a move.

(Photo by Getty Images)


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