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In Cleveland, hope dies last

Haslam can change everything for the Browns – but will he?

The Jimmy Haslam era as Cleveland Browns owner officially began this week with a unanimous vote by the rest of the NFL owners to approve Haslam’s purchase of the team from Randy Lerner.

Haslam has already won over the hearts and minds of Cleveland’s long-suffering fans. He’s also in good (so far) with the Cleveland media because he can fill their notebooks for them.

His fellow owners are even happy, realizing that if Haslam and his team can turn the Browns back into a viable NFL franchise, it will be good for everyone’s wallets.

“It’s going to be a great situation for Cleveland, their fans, players, coaches and the National Football League,”Atlanta Falcons owners Arthur Blank said. “Cleveland does have a storied history. It’s important to (return back to that). It’s a great franchise, it’s been a great franchise.”

But how long will the honeymoon last with fans and the media? Can the Browns become successful enough that the other NFL owners will regret letting Haslam into their club?

We look for answers at The Cleveland Fan.

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