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In Cleveland, hope dies last

Checking in as the Cavs near the All-Star break

cavs happySomehow, while we were not looking, the Cleveland Cavaliers hit the 50-game mark and, since the calendar turned to 2013, have been playing respectable and even, at times, entertaining basketball.

Starting with the Jan. 2 game against Sacramento, the Cavs have gone 9-10, a streak that includes wins in six of their last nine games heading into Monday’s game against Minnesota.

In the process, the Cavs have gone from battling Washington for the NBA’s worst record to being comfortably in the middle of the non-playoff teams in the Eastern Conference.

With the All-Star Game on the horizon, it seems like a good time to go thumbs up and thumbs down on some things that have stood out to us so far this season.

We take a closer look at The Cleveland Fan.

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