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In Cleveland, hope dies last


article-2282451-182F8AB6000005DC-302_634x375Liverpool is out of the Europa League despite a 3-1 win on Thursday against Zenit St. Petersburg.

While the win left the team’s tied 3-3 on aggregate, Zenit advances on away goals.

It’s doubling disappointing because the goal that ultimately did in the Reds came when Jamie Carragher, playing in what turned out to be the final European match of his career, misplayed a back pass that led to an easy goal by Zenit’s Hulk just 19 minutes into the game.

‘I thought we were incredible tonight,” Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers said. “Obviously we were two down from the first leg and to concede again, at 3-0 you might have thought the tie was over and done with. ‘But we showed real character and quality tonight to get three goals, and we totally dominated the game, controlled the game and should have had a penalty.”

Yeah, should of, would of. How very Cleveland of them.

At one time we thought we chose Liverpool as a team to follow. It’s games like this, however, that make us realize that Liverpool probably chose us.

(Photo by The Daily Mail)

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  1. B. Moore on said:

    Morning-Who is your new team now

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