Red Right 88

In Cleveland, hope dies last

What does 2013 have in store for the Tribe?

neon wahooThe Cleveland Indians open the 2013 season tonight in Toronto with new faces on the field and in the dugout.

Did the Tribe do enough in the off-season to close the 20-game differential with Detroit in the AL Central standings? Or the 25-game gap for a Wild Card spot?

Will the Indians get the Terry Francona who managed the Red Sox to two World Series titles, or the one who was 78 games under .500 in four seasons in Philadelphia?

Is there any way that Nick Swisher is worth the largest free agent contract in franchise history?

Can anyone in the starting rotation pitch well enough to turn the game over to the bullpen?

We join some other writers from The Cleveland Fan to try and look for answers as to what the 2013 season holds for the Tribe.

Your season opening preview starts now at The Cleveland Fan.

(Photo courtesy of the Western Reserve Historical Society)

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