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Browns release player no one knew was on the roster

ausar-walcott-charged-murderThe Cleveland Browns released linebacker Ausar Walcott on Wednesday after it was announced that Walcott is facing charges of attempted murder for allegedly punching a man in the head outside of The Palace Gentlemen’s Club* in New Jersey.

Walcott was an undrafted free agent out of the University of Virginia that the Browns just signed in May. Until the news broke on Wednesday few, if anyone, outside of Browns headquarters in Berea even knew that Walcott was on the team.

But that didn’t stop some people from trying to portray this as the “same old Browns” making mistakes.


Walcott was only on the team for a couple of weeks, but he was a four-year letter winner at Virginia. It seems like this reflects more poorly on Virginia than it does on the Browns. Especially since Walcott was suspended from the Virginia football team after being arrested following a fight on the James Madison campus following a game.

Just what type of players are they recruiting at that school?

It seems highly unlikely that the Browns signed Walcott knowing he was going to get into trouble outside of a gentlemen’s club – almost as unlikely as Walcott actually making the roster.

To suggest that this somehow is a black eye for the franchise is stretching things a bit far.

(Photo by Getty Images)

*Let this be a lesson kids: avoid gentlemen’s clubs. Things happen there, and not in a good way.

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