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The fan experience is different for every fan

2013_07_browns_game_dayWe have to say we were a bit surprised by the push back from fans over the announcement that the Cleveland Browns are working to try and improve the game day experience at home games.

We know (hope?) some of it was general snark, but we read and head enough that it makes us wonder, with the biggest complaint being, of course, that the Browns should “just win more games.”

Like any right-minded Cleveland fan, we have fond memories of going to Browns games in the late-1970s through the early 1990s at Municipal Stadium, even though we knew it was a dump. We also enjoy seeing highlights from games during that time period even though we still know the stadium was a dump.

But those memories are embedded in us because we were watching a winning football team (for the most part), not because the experience at the stadium was wonderful. So, on a basic level, we can understand the “just win more games” argument. But that is taking too simplistic of an approach.

While we understand what the Browns are trying to do, they are missing an opportunity here, which we explain further over at The Cleveland Fan.

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4 thoughts on “The fan experience is different for every fan

  1. I’ll settle for being able to stand up and act excited to what’s going on on the field without some d-bag calling security because I’m reacting to the game. Or cheering and barking without some d-bag calling security because…all while being perfectly sober and freaking normal. In short, stop placating d-bags.

  2. tmoore94 on said:

    Be interesting to see how the new regime/changes impact that part of the gameday experience. They haven’t really addressed how they will handle fans during the game. If it is not OK to cheer, then what’s the point of going?

    • WarbVIII on said:

      Went to one game at the new stadium,it kinda sucked part of of it was security and the rules,the other part was it didn’t feel at all like a Browns game,it kinda seemed like I was at a subburban high school game. It wasn’t Clevelanders I was with but suburbanites….I contrast this to the expieriences I had at Municipal and Lambeau field. It was just wierd and different,and the security screwing with me when I stood or rooted for my team was insanly stupid. Like Jim said in the end unless they let fans be fans it won’t matter what they do,by the same token can’t think when the games on the line and the team looks into the stands for emotion and a bit of a boost the folks they want in the stands will give it ti them.

  3. tmoore94 on said:

    The new stadium is definitely … antiseptic. I think part of it is they were in such a rush to build it that they basically just built a concrete bowl to play football in and didn’t have the time/money to make something really nice.

    The other, larger issue, is the team hasn’t given the fans much to cheer about. Hopefully that is on the change.

    As I’m getting older I’m on board with controlling the chaos of the drunken frat bros at the game, but the trick is to do that without alienating the fans who are not causing trouble and or just cheering/supporting the team.

    The new regime seems to get that, but we will have to wait and see.

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