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Rob Chudzinski confirms Brandon Weeden is the man

Brandon+Weeden+Cleveland+Browns+v+Dallas+Cowboys+eKx2mZUNPf-lWe first started talking about this in January, when we proposed the idea that Brandon Weeden should be the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns in 2013.

We reiterated the point in February, when we noted that the Weeden in ’13 campaign was picking up momentum and that the Browns should turn their focus to filling other positions on the roster.

In March, the signing of backup quarterback Jason Campbell helped to solidify the campaign.

The Browns resisted the urge to do anything crazy in April’s NFL Draft.

At the start of training camp, we noted that having Norv Turner as offensive coordinator is a pretty good way to settle down the quarterback position.

In the first two preseason friendlies, Weeden has done everything you would expect an NFL starting quarterback to do.

So it was no surprise, really, when Browns coach Rob Chudzinski announced that Weeden will be the starting quarterback for the Browns this fall.

“It was important for me and for us to go through the process … that started in April in the meetings, carried out into OTAs on the field, the multiple minicamps that we had, the number of weeks in training camp that we had, as well as the first two preseason games so that we could get these guys and see them react to a lot of different situations that would come up and how they would handle them and so forth,” Chudzinski said in announcing the decision.

“Based on this process, Brandon has earned this job.  That’s extremely important to me that he did.  He has gained my complete trust.  He has gained his teammates complete trust and this organization’s trust.  We are all behind him and we will all be there to support him.”

Good job, coach. But next time, save yourself a lot of time and headaches and just ask us. We’re here for you.

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