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Some final thoughts on the Trent Richardson trade

trent richardson quotesA day after the Cleveland Browns threw in the towel on the 2013 NFL season by trading starting running back Trent Richardson to Indianapolis, we found these quotes about the move particularly interesting:

“Cleveland knows they have time and are just accumulating picks. Sooner or later, (the) future will get here.” – NFL personnel executive to USA Today.

Can we take the “sooner” on that, please?

“From Cleveland’s standpoint, they’re 0-2 but in a honeymoon year with a new owner (Jimmy Haslam), team prez (Joe Banner), GM and head coach. So, if you’re gonna be bold, this is the time to do it.” – NFL executive to USA Today

This is a honeymoon year? Man, if that’s true, we hate to see what next year is going to be like.

“Anytime a great young player like Trent Richardson leaves your division—now we still get to face him this year, but once instead of twice. He’s a fine player and, I think, has a big career ahead of him, so not bad that he drives two hours west of us instead of four hours north.” – Cincinnati coach Marvin Lewis on Sirius NFL Radio

We have a feeling that Mike Tomlin and John Harbaugh would agree.

“We have a commitment to win. That goal is something we strive for regardless of circumstances, of anything put in our path. That’s how we roll.” – Colts GM Ryan Grigson.

Hmm, a commitment to winning. Wonder what that is like?

“When it’s the player that it is, I don’t know how you pass it up or don’t give it some thought, try to make it work. We did not bring him in here to, I guess, be the water boy. He’ll be ready to roll.” – Colts coach Chuck Pagano

Ready to roll!

“We have to earn their belief and trust in the decisions we’re going to make as a group, and I don’t expect them to trust that until we prove that the trust is well placed. So, I understand the skepticism for now. We have to do what we think is right, move the franchise forward and get it to where we want it to be.” – Browns CEO Joe Banner

The Cleveland Browns. Earning (and abusing) the fans trust since 1999.

(Photo courtesy of The Plain Dealer)

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2 thoughts on “Some final thoughts on the Trent Richardson trade

  1. That’s reigning “Executive of the Year” Ryan Grigson to you Joe Banner.

    And that’s Banner’s second deal with him this year. Someone’s found a pigeon. My money is on the guy who’s team will not be regressing this year and my money is against the guy who’s team will be.

  2. tmoore94 on said:

    What? But Banner’s philosophy is to only make a trade that he will win!

    I can see the final destination in all this, I’m just still concerned that the people navigate can’t get us there.

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