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Talking Browns football with graphic designer Eric Fischer

Browns Halloween MaskEric Fischer is an artist, graphic designer and U.S. Navy veteran who has worked in the design field for nearly 20 years. He is currently a creative director for a manufacturing company and also works as a freelance designer in his spare time. He is a life long, unapologetic and die hard Cleveland sports fan.

While he currently lives in Atlanta, Eric was born and raised in Cleveland. And while you may not have heard of him (yet), if you have been to a Cleveland Browns home game this year you’ve seen his work.

When the opposing team has the ball and it is third down, the theme song from the movie Halloween plays over the speakers at First Energy Stadium and an image of Michael Myers in Cleveland Browns face paint flashes on the scoreboard.

Eric designed the image for the Browns and he graciously agreed to sit down for a virtual Q&A about the design process, how he connected with the Browns and a few other topics.

Check out the conversation in our latest post at The Cleveland Fan.

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