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Mike Pettine growing more comfortable in second year

mike pettine no panic
As the Cleveland Browns work their way through the off-season, it is becoming evident that head coach Mike Pettine is growing more comfortable in his role.

From the day he was hired, Pettine has come across as a confident, but not arrogant, head coach. He has a way of getting his point across without being condescending, and his lack of double-speak when explaining the team’s goals and process makes him the first Browns coach to really connect with the fanbase since the team returned in 1999.

Pettine was at it again on Friday at the 16th annual Cleveland Browns Foundation Golf Tournament at Barrington Golf Club when, during a session with the media, he talked about how he is taking a greater interest in the offense in his second year in charge.

To see what Pettine said, and what it means, check out our latest post at Dawg Pound Daily.

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