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Cleveland Browns: 5 keys to success in 2015

desmond bryant
Following a last-second road win in Atlanta last November, the Cleveland Browns were 7-4 and sitting atop the AFC North Division for the first time in seemingly forever.

The road to playoffs lay ahead of the Browns; unfortunately they were never able to locate the on-ramp and closed out the year with a five-game losing streak.

Despite the disappointing end to the 2014 season, optimism remains high about Cleveland’s undisputed No. 1 team as the club continues its preparations for the 2015 season.

This is Cleveland, though, where nothing is given and everything is earned. For the Browns to find success in 2015 they will have to earn it every step of the way.

To see what five things have to go right for the Browns this fall, check out our latest post at Dawg Pound Daily.

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