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Cleveland Browns: 4 things to do during the bye week

alex-mack-nfl-cleveland-browns-pittsburgh-steelers-590x900The Cleveland Browns head into the bye week in an all-too-familiar position.

Losers of five in a row and 13 of their past 15 (dating back to last season), the Browns sit at the absolute bottom of the NFL with a 2-8 record.

Thoughts of a playoff appearance, the first since 2002, disappeared long ago. A winning season, the first since 2007, is also off the table. A repeat of last season’s seven wins? Not looking good.

After watching the team be outscored 95-39 over the past three weeks, most Browns fans would settle for general competency over the season’s final six games.

Since this is the NFL, rather than Major League Baseball or the NBA, team’s are a bit limited in what they can do to fix problems during the season, but that doesn’t mean the Browns have to stand idly by while waiting for their next game.

To learn the four things the Browns can do – some might even say must do – during the bye week, check out our latest at Dawg Pound Daily.

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