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The grass isn’t always greener

Fernando Torres continued to learn a hard lesson today during Chelsea’s 2-1 elimination loss to Manchester United in the Champions League:

The grass isn’t always greener.

Torres just had to move from Liverpool to Chelsea, thinking the Blues were not only a better fit for his talents, but also offered him a better chance of winning Champions League glory and league titles.

“‘The Champions League is a big ambition and all the footballers want to play in it,” Torres said at the time of his move from Liverpool. “I have a very bad memory of the semi-final of the Champions League in my first season in England when Chelsea beat us and they played the final. Hopefully now I’m here we can go through to the final together and win.

“Chelsea have the chance every season to win all the trophies that they play for, so when you have the chance to play in a team like this you cannot say no. I felt from last summer that I needed a step forward in my career.”

So how’s that working out?

Chelsea currently sits in third place in the Premier League, 11 points behind Manchester United with seven games to play. It’s pretty clear they are not catching Man U at the top of the table.

Torres, the £50million-man, hasn’t scored in 11 games with Chelsea.

And now they are out of the Champions League, with Torres being substituted at halftime by manager Carlo Ancelotti, who may lose his job after the season over disagreements with owner Roman Abramovich about the best way to use Torres. Ancelotti even admitted after the game that playing Torres may have been a mistake.

“Maybe. Could be. But I thought for a lot of time before taking this decision,” Ancelotti told The Guardian. “I preferred to start with Fernando for this kind of game, with this kind of tactics. But Didier (Drogba) played very well in the second half.”

Torres works best operating as a lone striker. He is quick, adept on the counterattack, can hold the ball and is smart enough to use the ball to bring support from deep into play. He was used most successfully at Liverpool in that role, but Chelsea persists in using him in a 4-4-2.

The schedule certainly has not done him any favors, as playing for Spain in the European Championship, the Confederations Cup and the World Cup, he hasn’t had a summer off to recover since 2007.

But now he carries the burden of being the £50million-man, which means people want goals, not excuses.

We’ll always have a soft spot for Torres. We enjoyed watching him at Liverpool and still enjoy his play with Spain.

We just wish he would realized that Anfield was the best spot for him.

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