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Ran into a chum with a bottle of rum …

Red Right 88 will be on holiday at the beach for a few days. Regular activity should hopefully resume around July 18.

We may have some updates next week if something big happens. But as we will be continuing our 20-year quest for the best Mai Tai, as well as seeing how much Carolina BBQ a Cleveland boy can eat, it would probably have to be something pretty big.

Have a good one.

Holiday Hiatus

Red Right 88 is going on hiatus for a few days to take care of some last-minute holiday obligations.

We’ll be back in time for the Browns Week 16 tilt with Baltimore ready to go.

Hopefully nothing hits the fan in the meantime.

Happy Holidays everyone.

On Holiday

Red Right 88 is on holiday at the shore for a few more days. Regular activity will resume Tuesday.

In the meantime, a few quick thoughts:
  • Incredible comeback by the U.S. today against Slovenia. Never thought they could do it after falling behind 2-0 at halftime. The English are certainly doing their part to help.
  • Thank you Tom Izzo. You’ll be happier and the Cavs will be better off.
  • Dan Gilbert better be on the private plane to talk to Phil Jackson. Even if there is only a million-in-one shot he comes to Cleveland, you have to talk to him. If money is no object, and you were willing to give an unproven coach (reportedly) $6 million a year, then you must talk to Jackson.
  • Seven weeks until the Browns return for training camp.

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