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Browns decide to close the corral on Colt McCoy

2013_04_colt_mccoy_tradedThe Cleveland Browns severed another link to the Randy Lerner & Mike Holmgren era on Monday, trading third-string quarterback Colt McCoy to the San Francisco 49ers.

Along with McCoy the Browns threw in their sixth-round selection (173rd) in this month’s NFL Draft. In return they get San Francisco’s fifth- and seventh-round draft picks (numbers 164 and 227, for those of you keeping score at home).

Even by Cleveland standards, McCoy’s story was a strange one.

For the full story, head over to The Cleveland Fan.

The worst-kept secret in the NFL

The Cleveland Browns made official on Monday what everyone has known since the night of April 27:

Brandon Weeden will be the starting quarterback this season.

“Brandon Weeden will start the Detroit game, and he’ll be our starter as we go forward here,” Browns coach Pat Shurmur told The Beacon Journal. “The No. 2 position will be determined based on how things play out here in training camp. Brandon’s the starter, and we’re moving forward. I think that’s the important thing. I’m not looking back. We’re committing and we’re rolling. We anticipate he’s gonna do a great job.

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