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Greg Oden to the Cavs is simply not a good idea

2013_02_cavs_odenThe Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly planning to offer center Greg Oden a two-year deal with a team option for a third year sometime after the NBA trade deadline of Feb. 21.

Just great.

There is some symmetry, we suppose, to offering a three-year contract to a player that has had three microfracture knee surgeries. Three years is also how long it has been since Oden played in an NBA game – Dec. 5, 2009, to be exact.

Meaning if the Cavs are truly planning to offer him a contract, it’s one of the worst ideas we’ve heard from one of the local teams in a long time, and that is saying a lot.

Simply put, there is little to no chance that Oden is coming back and, even if he somehow does one day walk onto the Quicken Loans Arena court, there is even less chance that he will be a viable NBA player.

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