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Carragher one of the good ones

article-2274952-1767C008000005DC-794_634x400Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher announced on Thursday that after 16 seasons and more than 700 appearances with his hometown club, he will retire.

“I’m making this announcement now because I don’t want the manager or the club to be answering questions on my future when I’ve already decided what I am going to do,” Carragher said in a statement. “I will be fully committed between now and the end of the season to doing the very best for Liverpool, as I have done my entire career since joining aged just nine years old.

“It has been a privilege and an honour to represent this great club for as long as I have and I am immensely proud to have done so and thankful for all the support I have had. There are many memories I want to share and people to thank, but now is not the time for that.

“I won’t be making any further comment on this decision until the end of the season; all our focus and concentration should be on achieving the best possible finish in the league this season and trying to win the last remaining trophy we are competing in.”

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