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Browns, Cavs having a productive start to the new year

mcdaniels no brownsIt is only the first full week of 2014 and already both the Cleveland Browns and the Cleveland Cavaliers have had one heck of a time.

The best news of the year came earlier today when New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said he was not interested in the Browns head coaching job, a position he interviewed for over the weekend but was never officially offered.

McDaniels had been the presumed favorite to replace fired coach Rob Chudzinski, primarily because he works for New England and when it comes to the Patriots and their assistant coaches, current Browns general manager Mike Lombardi simply can’t see that the emperor has no clothes.

McDaniels carries a career winning percentage of .393 (in line with former New England assistants and Browns coaches Romeo Crennel and Eric Mangini), actually made the St. Louis offense worse the one year he was offensive coordinator and, like every other coach who has worked for Bill Belichick, has never succeeded unless he is standing next to Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady.

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