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Hang in there Tribe fans, there is still a long way to go

tribe opening weekend woesWell, that was one heck of an opening weekend to the 2015 season, wasn’t it Tribe fans?

Three consecutive losses to the Detroit Tigers. Twenty-five runs given up. Forty-three hits allowed. Miguel Cabrera (a .786 batting average, two home runs and six RBI) doing everything short of helping himself to the Tribe’s post-game buffet.

Michael Brantley battling a  “perplexing” injury to his back. Yan Gomes going down with a knee injury that will keep him out a couple of months.

We mean, even the Cleveland Browns managed to win their home opener. And the Browns didn’t lose their third home game until four months into the season. And Cleveland’s undisputed No. 1 team didn’t see attendance fall off by 35 percent from the first game of the season to the second.

Sure, it was downright ugly at times at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario over the weekend, but there is no need for anyone to go off the deep end for one important reason:

It was only three games and the season is just six games old. 

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