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What’s the next move Jimmy?

12057000-mmmainThe Cleveland Browns made it official on Monday, firing coach Pat Shurmur after two seasons and general manager Tom Heckert after just three years.

Cue up the calliope music, the carousel is spinning once again in Berea.

As we learned with Mike Brown, Eric Mangini and Manny Acta, firing the coach is the easy part. Finding a replacement that is actually an improvement has proven to be far more difficult.

Do Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and CEO Joe Banner have want it takes to finally get it right with a new coach?

We start looking for answers at The Cleveland Fan.

(Photo by The Plain Dealer)

Beware the anonymous, single-source story, Browns fans

heckert-draft-10-jgjpg-b455db635d3c46beAnother day, another round of rumors surrounding the future of Cleveland Browns general manager Tom Heckert.

First off comes Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk, who writes that a “league source” told him that if the Browns fire Heckert it will be because he was not willing to mortgage the team’s future in a pre-draft trade for Robert Griffin III.

So, if this “report” is to be believed, Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner will hold Heckert responsible for something that occurred before they were even involved with the team and with having no knowledge about any of the discussions the Browns had about a potential trade.

We guess, since they can only fire Mike Holmgren once, they need someone else to kick around.

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