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Browns dodged a bullet with Flynn

The Cleveland Browns owe the Seattle Seahawks a double thank you for taking the bait on free agent quarterback Matt Flynn and simultaneously showing fans that it pays not to be first in free agency.

When NFL free agency opened a week ago, many speculated that Flynn could get major money in a bidding war; by waiting a week and letting the market settle, the Seahawks were able to sign him to a three-year deal worth up to a reported $26 million.

Seattle’s move helped take away any possibility that the Browns would have lingering doubts about signing a player with two career NFL starts.

And more thing to remember: Flynn may have some success over the next couple of years which will make some Browns fans whine, but he’ll be doing it without having to face the Steelers and Ravens each twice a year.


And no, the Browns should have no interest in quarterback Tim Tebow, who will soon be on his way out of Denver now that the Broncos have decided that signing a soon-to-be 36-year-old Peyton Manning, who has had four surgeries on his neck in the past year, is a good idea.

The last thing the Browns need is to bring Tebow to town. According to Cold Hard Football Facts, Tebow “finished the regular season as the 27th rated passer among those who qualified (72.9), and was the only QB among those 33 with 240+ attempts to have a a sub-50 completion percentage (46.7). Tebow failed to complete 50 percent in nine of his 13 starts, faring especially poorly (26.7%) in two games against the Chiefs.”

Why would the Browns have any interest in that?


As much as the media wants to paint the Browns as the height of dysfunctional, they have nothing on the Dolphins.

Peter King paints the ugly picture in his Monday Morning Quarterback column, including choosing Daunte Culpepper over Drew Brees, hiring Nick Saban as coach, hiring Cam Cameron instead of Mike Tomlin as coach (thanks by the way), and trading two first-round draft picks for Ricky Williams.

That should make Browns fan feel at least a little bit better.


Finally, Scene magazine has an article looking at why Ohio State fans are so obnoxious (h/t to Cleveland Frowns).

It’s not that surprising, really, that Ohio State fans are the way they are.

After all, they have as many national titles in football in the past 44 years as powerhouses like Pittsburgh, Clemson, Brigham Young, Washington, Colorado and Georgia Tech.

And as many basketball championships in the past 52 years as such noted programs as Loyola Chicago and Texas Western.

What’s not to crow about?

It’s like we’ve said before, Buckeye fans are the college football equivalent of Steeler fans.

(Photo by The Associated Press)

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