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In Cleveland, hope dies last

Can the sports section stay relevant?

It is a rare day where we don’t run into someone, either in person or online, who isn’t complaining about the state of sports media in Cleveland.

It has gotten so bad at times that we have heard people ask why anyone would even read a newspaper.

Which makes us wonder if traditional media – daily newspapers in particular – can meet the needs of today’s sports fans.

To find out the answer, head over to The Cleveland Fan.


Uni Watch came out with the first batch of reader submissions to rename and rebrand the Cleveland Indians today.

Let’s just say we are less than impressed with what the readers came up with.


Finally, Grantland tries to figure out just what it is the University of Akron is trying to accomplish with its football program. Very good read.

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One thought on “Can the sports section stay relevant?

  1. I gave up the paper long ago. I rely on guys like you now.

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