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In Cleveland, hope dies last

Mr. Holmgren? HBO is on line one for you

Turns out, HBO is having a problem finding a team for this season’s version of the popular series, Hard Knocks.

According to The New York Post, the cable channel expects to have a team in place by June 1. The Jets, Broncos, Falcons, Texans, 49ers and Redskins have all reportedly turned down a chance to appear on the show.

Well, how about the Cleveland Browns?

While the East Coast media may not see the Browns as an “A-list” team, there are several story lines that could drive the plot for the reality series:

  • The quarterback “controversy” that the Cleveland sports media is so desperate to create between Brandon Weeden and Colt McCoy
  • How the best running back in the draft, Trent Richardson, described as a player who “keeps you in the game, shortens the game, and gives you a chance to win in the fourth quarter,” does in his first training camp while dealing with the inevitable questions about Jim Brown.
  • What will happen with the Browns wide receiver situation?
  • Injured defensive tackle Phil Taylor’s recovery from surgery for a torn pectoral muscle
  • Linebacker Scott Fujita’s ongoing appeal of his suspension for his role in the New Orleans bounty situation
  • Hoople heads can rejoice as the show spends an episode detailing how owner Randy Lerner “doesn’t care” because he is not sitting at a desk in Berea seven days a week
  • The degenerates at the Horseshoe Casino on a weekday in downtown
  • Pretty much anything Joe Haden is doing
  • They could even throw in a couple of references to LeBron James and the Indians’ attendance woes – you know, just for fun

It’s not as if anyone will cancel their HBO service if the Browns are on the show, but as Cleveland was first nationally in television ratings for the first round of the NFL Draft, it seems likely that HBO would pick up subscribers if they featured the Browns.

What? Like you wouldn’t watch?

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