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Fabio Borini puts the break in international break

Liverpool striker Fabio Borini is going to be out of action for an undetermined amount of time after fracturing the scaphoid bone in his right foot.

Borini, who the club signed for £10million from AS Roma in July, either broke his foot during training with Italy’s Under-21 team or suffered the injury a few weeks ago and only discovered it on Thursday.

In any event, Borini is expected to be out for a few months, which leaves Liverpool with just Luis Suárez as the club’s lone striker.

Just great.

Liverpool has 18 games, spread across the Premier League, Europa League and Capital One Cup, before January’s transfer window opens and they can bring in reinforcements. Who that might be, and how much cash manager Brendan Rodgers will have at his disposal, is anyone’s guess. But Rodgers made it clear he’s not looking to operate on the cheap, especially after the fiasco of the last transfer period.

“There are still areas we want to reinforce — and we have to reinforce as soon as we can,” the first-year manager told The Daily Mail. “Our best team are comparable to any team in the Premier League. But we’re a very thin squad and we are having to challenge on a lot of fronts. I’ve had good conversations with the owners and they understand where we are at as a team.”

Where they currently are as a team is 14th in the Premier League table. And if something where to happen to Suárez, Rodgers would be forced to turn to Daniel Pacheco (age 21), Adam Morgan (18), Samil Yesil (18) and Jerome Sinclair (16).

Really glad Fenway Sports Group didn’t pony up that extra £1 million pounds for Clint Dempsey. God forbid you have a reliable striker on the squad.

Liverpool is reportedly targeting Gary Hooper, who is in a contract snit with Celtic. Newcastle United may also be looking at Hooper.

Resident Celtic expert Sean McLaughlin (@SeanMcL216) had this to say about Hooper: “Gary Hooper is a player. All he does is score goals. Great pace & makes great runs. Celtic won’t let him go for cheap.”

While we don’t want to see the club repeat their mistakes and make another outrageous Andy Carroll-type deal in the January transfer window, the time is coming when the owners need to show they are in this for more than just show.

(Photo by The Daily Mail)


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