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In Cleveland, hope dies last

You sure about that fourth-down call, coach?

More than 24 hours later and many in Brownstown are still scratching their heads over the decision by Cleveland Browns coach Pat Shumur to punt on fourth-and-one with a little more than six minutes remaining in the Browns loss to Indianapolis.

It’s not so much what the Browns did – punt when they were on the Colts’ 41-yard line and only needing one yard – but why they did it.

On game days Shurmur dresses like a coach, wears a headset like a coach and does coach-like things. But, and we’ve touched on this before, more and more it seems as if Shurmur makes key decisions based on what he thinks an NFL coach is supposed to do in a given situation (almost as if he was playing a head coach in a poorly written sports film) rather than read the mood of the team and the game situation.

For the rest of the story, head over to The Cleveland Fan.

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