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In Cleveland, hope dies last

Browns take down the Raiders, but what does it mean?

Josh Gordon, Ron BartellThe Cleveland Browns headed to Oakland on Sunday with many of their fans and the rest of the NFL questioning whether or not they have what it takes to actually finish a game when given the opportunity.

With 9:31 left in the game and holding a three-point lead, the Browns huddled on their own six-yard line with opportunity – and the Raiders defense – staring them in the face.

Quarterback Brandon Weeden shrug off what had been, up to that point, a rather unspectacular day to drive the Browns 94 yards in 14 plays, leading the Browns to a touchdown drive and effectively sealing the win.

So has this Browns team finally started to turn the corner?

We start looking for answers at The Cleveland Fan.

(Photo by The Associated Press)

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