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In Cleveland, hope dies last

Talking Browns football with Scotland’s Sad Factory

2013_04_sad_factoryBeing a fan of Cleveland sports is one of the better aspects of life, aside from the no championship thing, of course.

The allure of the Browns, Indians and Cavaliers is not just confined to Northeast Ohio, however, as the power of Cleveland sports extends not only across the country but internationally as well.

Which brings us to Murray Alexander

Murray is a 24-year-old from Glasgow, Scotland, and the author of The Factory of Sadness, a blog about the Cleveland Browns that has been “churning out canned heartbreak since 1796.” You can also find him on Twitter @SadFactory.

Murray was kind enough to sit down for a virtual Q&A on how he became a Browns fan, why things are going to be better under the new regime and the team’s prospects for 2013.

To see what he had to say, head over to The Cleveland Fan.

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