Red Right 88

In Cleveland, hope dies last

Picking up the pieces of the latest Browns draft

26-Oct-10_98597085CG118_Cleveland_Bro_crop_450x500So six Cleveland Browns fans walk into a bar and start talking about the aftermath of the Browns recent draft picks.

Did the Browns make the right moves? Are we doomed to another in a seemingly endless loop of 5-11 seasons? What happens when Browns fans stop being polite and start getting  real? (Except for the not polite part? And does that reference make us look old?)

Find out in the latest installment of Five Questions in Five Minutes at Cleveland Reboot where we join a virtual roundtable for Browns draft talk with Jim Kanicki, Jeff Rich, Mike Krupka, Barry McBride and Chris Pokorny.

And, no, seventh-round draft choice Armonty Bryant was not our designated driver. What, too soon?

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