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What should the Browns do with Armonty Bryant?

nfl-combine-football.jpeg21-1280x960Lots of talk over the past 24 hours about what the Cleveland Browns should do with Armonty Bryant after the news broke that the seventh-round draft pick had plead no contest to a misdemeanor DUI charges.

This latest incident follows one last fall where Bryant was sentenced for selling $20 worth of marijuana to an undercover police officer.

So what should the Browns do?

We’ve seen reactions on both sides, from those who take a “boys will be boys” attitude to calls for the Browns to cut him immediately.

We think the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

Right or wrong, there is a hierarchy on the rosters of sports teams – All-Pros can get anyway with almost anything, really good starters can get away with a lot, on down the line to seventh-round draft picks.

Bryant obviously has some issues and needs some level of professional help. And while he is reportedly a talented player, he played at East Central State – not in the SEC.

Unless he completely dominated in training camp and the preseason, Bryant probably was not going to see any playing time this season for the Browns. Few players drafted in the seventh round make it onto an NFL field.

What would be best for the Browns – and more importantly for Bryant – would be to let him to go through the normal routine with the team so the Browns can start evaluating what type of player he can be. Then, when the final roster cuts roll around, put him on the practice squad for the season and then help him – away from the spotlight – to see if he can work through whatever is bothering him.

That way the team protects itself while also giving structure and support to a young player that seems like he needs it. If Bryant causes more problems, it’s easy enough to release him.

But if Bryant can work out his demons the Browns may have found more than just a body to fill out the 53-man roster.

They may have helped save someone from themselves.

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