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In Cleveland, hope dies last

We’ve seen this Tribe movie before – or have we?

-2f6bf56aafbf5174The Cleveland Indians are just a little more than one month into the 2013 season and at times it feels as if we’ve seen this movie before.

But is this the third film in a trilogy of disappointment or the film that reboots a once successful franchise?

The Tribe has played entertaining baseball through the first month of the season, and while it feels like they are a better team this year, a quick check of the standings tells a slightly different story. The Indians are 16-14 heading into tonight’s game against Oakland and riding a streak that has seen them win eight out of nine. They are currently in third place, 3 games out of first.

At this time last year the Indians were in first place with a 17-12 record and 2 games up on Detroit; in 2011 they were 22-11 and in first place by 4.5 games.

And we all know how those seasons came to an end.

So what is going to keep the bottom from falling out on the Tribe for the third consecutive year?

To find out, head over to The Cleveland Fan.

(Photo by The Associated Press)

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