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Can Liverpool really get £50m+ from Arsenal for Luis Suárez?

Luis-Suarez-of-Liverpool-1903958Another day, another twist in the ongoing saga of whether or not Liverpool will part ways with striker Luis Suárez. Just two weeks ago, it seemed as if the Reds had missed their best chance to move on from the talented but troubled Suárez after the team turned down a £30 million offer from Arsenal.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers’ resolve was tested again last week when Arsenal came back with a transfer bid of £40 million plus £1. But the Reds still said no.

Now, with the start of the Premier League season less than three weeks away, it is looking at least possible that Arsenal may need to acquire Suárez and that it may come at Liverpool’s asking price of more than £50 million.

We take a look at the various scenarios in our latest post at World Soccer Talk.

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One thought on “Can Liverpool really get £50m+ from Arsenal for Luis Suárez?

  1. Good luck Suarez.

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