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From the editor’s notebook …

luis suarez back sideLiverpool made it official on Friday, agreeing to a £75 million pound deal with Barcelona for striker Luis Suárez.

And so ends one of the more bizarre three years for a player and a club.

It’s hard to know how much Liverpool will miss Suárez, who is as talented as anyone playing the game when he wants to be. But the fact that the club no longer trust that Suárez won’t do something stupid on the pitch makes the move a necessary one. After his latest incident at the World Cup, it seems pretty clear that club officials decided they needed to do something while they could still get top value for Suárez. And it is not hard to think they felt a bit betrayed, as well, as the club has done nothing but support Suárez from the moment he arrived from Ajax in January 2011.

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Why are we still surprised by Luis Suárez?

luis suarez latest banOver the past couple of years we have written more words about Luis Suárez than we ever imagined possible.

From suspensions to transfer rumors to key goals at the most opportune time, we thought we had seen it all and there was nothing left that could surprise us.

But that all changed on Monday while watching Uruguay’s game on Monday when Suárez and Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini clashed in front of the Italian goal with just a few minutes left in the game. Suddenly, Suárez was on the ground holding his mouth, while Chiellini was chasing the ref, pulling at his shirt collar to show something on his shoulder, and we were left in disbelief.

Did Suárez really do what we think he just did? Did Suárez really just bite Chiellini during a win-or-go-home World Cup game?


How is it that Suárez continues to surprise us? And what does it mean for Liverpool?

Find out in our latest post at World Soccer Talk.

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Liverpool keeping pressure on Chelsea, but Man City looms

suarez sturridge goalsLiverpool took care of business on Saturday, beating Cardiff City 6-3 in a match that ended up being very entertaining.

The win keeps the pressure on Chelsea, who still sit at the top of the Premier League table after they beat Arsenal 6-0. (Good job, good effort by the Gunners in Arsene Wenger’s 1,000th game in charge).

This weekend’s results leave Liverpool in second place, just four points back of Chelsea and with a game in hand. Liverpool will make that game up on Wednesday night and, if they can pull of their seventh consecutive win, Liverpool will head into the season’s final seven games just one point back of Chelsea.

Despite all that, Liverpool’s title hopes are still a bit dodgy, especially when you do the math and factor in Manchester City.

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Welcome back, Luis

Luis-Suarez-of-Liverpool-1903958Luis Suárez makes his Premier League return on Sunday when Liverpool takes on Sunderland at the Stadium of Light.

And with him could come a boost to Liverpool’s chances to stay in the title race this season.

We never thought we would be writing this, but we are glad to see Suárez back on the pitch in a Liverpool shirt.

We take a look at the return of Suárez in our latest post at World Soccer Talk.

Luis Suárez reportedly wants out at Liverpool

Liverpool v Chelsea - FA Cup FinalIn an exclusive interview with The Guardian newspaper, Luis Suárez has asked to leave Liverpool, claiming that the club promised him he could go if they failed to qualify for a spot in the Champions League.

Suárez said he will take the issue to the Premier League to try and force a move before the league’s transfer window closes on Sept. 2.

Suárez does not have to go away mad, it’s enough at this point that he just go away.

We have the full report in our latest at World Soccer Talk.

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Can Liverpool really get £50m+ from Arsenal for Luis Suárez?

Luis-Suarez-of-Liverpool-1903958Another day, another twist in the ongoing saga of whether or not Liverpool will part ways with striker Luis Suárez. Just two weeks ago, it seemed as if the Reds had missed their best chance to move on from the talented but troubled Suárez after the team turned down a £30 million offer from Arsenal.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers’ resolve was tested again last week when Arsenal came back with a transfer bid of £40 million plus £1. But the Reds still said no.

Now, with the start of the Premier League season less than three weeks away, it is looking at least possible that Arsenal may need to acquire Suárez and that it may come at Liverpool’s asking price of more than £50 million.

We take a look at the various scenarios in our latest post at World Soccer Talk.

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Liverpool rejects Arsenal’s latest bid for Luis Suárez

suarez divingArsenal reportedly submitted a club-record bid of £40 million plus £1 for Liverpool striker Luis Suárez on Tuesday, but the Reds quickly rejected the bid.

Wait, what?

Rather than being grateful that someone is willing to take Suárez off his hands for a fair price, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers got shirty over the request.

“Obviously (Arsenal’s first bid of £35 million) was an offer we didn’t deem worthy of the talent and even if they came back with that kind of amount (£55 million) there’s no guarantee he would be sold even for that because we are trying to build something here,” Rodgers told The Guardian.

Even if the club is bent out of shape over the offer, it still represents a 76 percent increase on the price that Liverpool originally paid for Suárez (£22.7 million). That’s not a bad return on investment.

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Is Liverpool missing its best chance to move Luis Suárez?

luis suarez back sideLiverpool striker Luis Suárez made it known once again this week that he is eager and willing to leave Anfield.

Suárez wants to go to Real Madrid, but the Spanish club isn’t really expressing any interest. Manager Brendan Rodgers says he talks to Suárez every day and wants him to stay. Last week, Liverpool turned down £30 from Arsenal for the enigmatic striker who scored 23 goals in 33 games last season.

The question now becomes, what is the club waiting for?

We start looking for answers in our latest post at World Soccer Talk.

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£50m for Luis Suárez? Yes please!

suarez divingIf the reports are true and Real Madrid or Atletico are willing to cut a check for £50m for striker Luis Suárez, then there is only one thing that Liverpool needs to do: not hang up the phone until the deal is complete.

The mecurial Suárez, who this season became more trouble than he is worth despite scoring 23 goals, let it be known on Friday that he wants out of Liverpool, out of the Premier League and out of England. And as long as someone is willing to pay the price, Liverpool should do everything it can to grant him his wish.

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If Manchester City wants Suárez, Liverpool should let go

Defending champions Manchester City have turned their focus to Liverpool’s Luis Suárez, reportedly planning to offer anywhere from £40 million to £50 million during the January transfer window.

If that is the case, Liverpool really needs to make that deal – even if manager Brendan Rodgers is against it.

“It’s something I will always fight to protect the club and its assets,” Rodgers told The Daily Mail. “The modern game is very much about player movement – that’s part of football these days. But I will always fight to keep our best assets here. This is an incredible club to be involved with. Hopefully over the coming years we can return to that level, where players were here to win things and want to come here.

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