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Browns turning offense over to Johnny Manziel

johnny-manziel-nfl-cleveland-browns-pittsburgh-steelers4-590x900Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine made it official on Tuesday.

The Browns offense is now in the hands of quarterback Johnny Manziel.

“I think the performance against Pittsburgh validated for us the progress that he’s made, the improvement that he’s shown and that he deserves this opportunity,” Pettine said in announcing the move. “Also just Josh McCown’s circumstances being what they are, not being entirely healthy at least in the short term. It’s something that we understand where our season is at this point and this is a kid we invested a lot in. This will give us an opportunity to see how far he’s come and what he’s capable of.”

It is the right decision at the right time for the Browns, who head into the bye week with a record of 2-8 and carrying a five-game losing streak.

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What should the Browns do with Johnny Manziel?

johnny-manziel-nfl-cleveland-browns-san-diego-chargers1-590x900 7.56.09 AM
Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel was back in the news over the weekend for all the wrong reasons.

Late on Friday, NewsNet 5 in Cleveland broke the news that Manziel was pulled over by police earlier in the week following an alleged domestic dispute with this girlfriend, Colleen Elizabeth Crowley.

The pair had been in an argument while driving and had been drinking earlier in the day. Police investigated and decided to not charge either Manziel or Crowley with anything. (Fox 8 News released the dash camera video today.)

In most cases, that would have probably been the end of the story. But with Manziel’s history of off-the-field problems, the story took on a greater focus.

The question now is: What should the Browns do about Manziel?

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Browns quarterbacks what we expected them to be

manziel-mccownjpg1432812159794It was not a night for the offensive highlight reel when the Cleveland Browns took on the Buffalo Bills at FirstEnergy Stadium on Thursday.

But it was a night that showed the Browns’ quarterbacks are exactly what we expected them to be.

A week after looking like the quarterback that threw for 1,829 yards, 13 touchdowns and just one interception while starting 13 games for Chicago in 2013, Josh McCown turned into the Tampa Bay-version that went 1-10 for the Buccaneers last season, while completing just 56 percent of his passes, throwing 14 interceptions and taking 36 sacks.

But Johnny Manziel did not look much better.

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Is Johnny Manziel really a bad backup QB?

johnny manziel starterIf there is any fanbase in the NFL that is intimately familiar with backup quarterbacks, it is those of the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns have not had a quarterback make 16 starts in a season since Tim Couch in 2001 – and he was the first one to do it since Bernie Kosar in 1991.

The problem is not confined to Cleveland, or course, as 54 different quarterbacks started games in 2014, but with the Browns being at the forefront of the multiple-quarterback movement, it does on added importance around these parts.

Which brings us to second-year quarterback Johnny Manziel, who was ranked next-to-last among backup quarterbacks by

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Opinions plentiful when it comes to Johnny Manziel

johnny manziel starter
We are now into the second week of the summer break for the Cleveland Browns and all is quiet with nary an inflatable swan in sight.

But that doesn’t mean there are not plenty of people ready to offer up an opinion on second-year back-up quarterback Johnny Manziel.

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Johnny Manziel in another incident with a fan

johnny manziel starter
With the Cleveland Browns having a few days off until Organized Team Activities resume on Monday, the players have the weekend to themselves.

Which, apparently, means we are contractually obligated to have some kind of national Johnny Manziel story as Manziel was involved with a fan who was harassing him at a golf tournament in Texas.

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Johnny on the spot

johnny manziel starterThe Cleveland Browns made it official earlier today – it’s time for Johnny Football to take over.

In announcing the switch, head coach Mike Pettine challenged the entire offense to step up its game over the final three weeks of the season.

“The move was made because of the lack of performance at the (quarterback) position over the last four games … but (the offensive players) have to understand it was as a unit,” Pettine said. “If we don’t pick up our play around the quarterback, we’d be extremely foolish to expect different results.

“I challenged the team today. We all share in the joy of a win; we all share in the agony of a loss. Everybody has to pick up their play as we head down the stretch.”

We have to preface everything we are about to write by pointing out that this is 100 percent the correct call. Brian Hoyer, at least as far as this season is concerned, has hit his ceiling as the starting quarterback for the Browns and a change needed to be made.

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What if we told you …

browns lose billsWhat if we told you that on Sunday in Buffalo, the Cleveland Browns did the following?

  • Held the Bills to just 287 yards of total offense.
  • Limited the Bills to two-of-15 on third down, with the first successful third-down conversion coming with seven minutes left in the game.
  • Intercepted Buffalo quarterback Kyle Orton twice.
  • Held Buffalo wide receiver Sammy Watkins to three receptions for 11 yards.
  • Held the Bills to just a lone offensive touchdown.

You would probably say that the Browns won.

Now what if we told you that Johnny Manziel played almost the entire fourth quarter – and it wasn’t because Brian Hoyer was injured?

That was the case on Sunday as the Browns fell to the Bills in yet another disappointing loss to a team that the Browns really should have beaten.

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The Johnny Manziel media obsession hits a new low

johnny-manziel-golf-digestEvery time we think we’ve finally hit the bottom of the media’s obsession with Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel, the media finds a way to drain a little more water out of that pool.

It’s one thing when Manziel appears on the cover of Golf Digest, that’s in some ways a commercial endorsement (albeit a rather unexpected one), so we get it.

But we were totally unexpected to see this “report” from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that Manziel Tweeting out a phone number over the weekend was all a prank on a friend.

We’re not sure which is more unsettling, the fact that one of ESPN’s top NFL reporters felt the need to make this into a story, or that Mortensen had to resort to unnamed sources to “confirm” the existence of the prank.

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Browns once again find themselves in a QB quandry

browns redskins manzielIt is only preseason. It is only preseason. It is only preseason.

We have to keep reminding ourselves of that after watching the Cleveland Browns on Monday night against Washington.

The running game didn’t look all that bad, as Ben Tate and Terrance West combined to average 4.5 yards per carry, which compared to last season’s baggy pants farce is Pro Bowl-caliber work.

The defense had three interceptions and was active all over the field – at least when the officials weren’t throwing a flag. (The Browns were penalized 10 times).

Other than that, nothing much went right, especially with quarterbacks Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel.

And that, Browns fans, leaves the team with a major problem on its hands.

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