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What should the Browns do with Johnny Manziel?

johnny-manziel-nfl-cleveland-browns-san-diego-chargers1-590x900 7.56.09 AM
Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel was back in the news over the weekend for all the wrong reasons.

Late on Friday, NewsNet 5 in Cleveland broke the news that Manziel was pulled over by police earlier in the week following an alleged domestic dispute with this girlfriend, Colleen Elizabeth Crowley.

The pair had been in an argument while driving and had been drinking earlier in the day. Police investigated and decided to not charge either Manziel or Crowley with anything. (Fox 8 News released the dash camera video today.)

In most cases, that would have probably been the end of the story. But with Manziel’s history of off-the-field problems, the story took on a greater focus.

The question now is: What should the Browns do about Manziel?

To find out the options the Browns are pondering, check out our latest post at Dawg Pound Daily.

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